Committee for Oversight of Research and Clinical Training Involving Decedents (CORID)

The Committee for Oversight of Research and Clinical Training Involving Decedents (CORID) is responsible for the review and approval of all proposed activities that require the use of human cadavers, cadaveric tissue and decedent medical records in order to:

  • Provide a mechanism for institutional oversight of proposed activities to evaluate whether they are within ethical and societal norms.
  • Follow a process which considers the scientific or clinical merit of each proposed study or training/educational activity.
  • Ensure that the appropriate consent was secured, either via body donation registration, autopsy authorization, or consent provided by next of kin or legal representative.

CORID Application and Approval Procedures

  • Access to the CORID website is via the HSConnect website.  Create a HSConnect account to login. Permission to access CORID is required the first time accessed.  Contact  CORID Administrator to request access.
  • Complete the appropriate CORID application (Research or Clinical Training) .  A signed letter of support  from the department chair or division chief is required  and printed on departmental letterhead . Only letters saved  as a PDF format can be uploaded inorder to complete and submit  the CORID application.  Sample letters are under the "Resource"  tab on the CORID website.

Once CORID approval has been granted, the following requirements are effective for the duration of the activity:  On the CORID website, each Prinicpal Investigator has access to all  saved/pending/approved /closed CORID applications under his/her user profile as well as  links  to submit an Annual Renewal, a Modification Request or a Final report.

  • Submission of an Annual Renewal Report is required no later than two weeks prior to the designated renewal date.  E-mail reminders are automatically sent to the Principal Investigator, Course Director or designee beginning two months prior to the renewal date.  Annual approval is required to continue the activity.  If the designated renewal date passes for the CORID number assigned, it will be locked and all activity must cease until it is renewed and approved.
  • A Modification Request for any changes to the original application, including Principal Investigator or Course Director, number of samples required, additional component(s), methods employed, collaboration with external Principal investigators and entities, external sharing of tissue etc..
  • Submission of a Final Report is for activities no longer active and completed.  This will close the CORID permanently.